Autumn steak and ribs pack

Autumn steak and ribs pack


This is a kind of transition box. Autumn has arrived, but we are still hanging onto the last of the summer BBQs.

This mini box will contain a minimun 6kg including all your favourite steaks, T-bones, Rib Eyes, Eye Fillet and Rump which need no introduction. Bring them to room temperature, rub them with olive oil and salt and introduce them most kindly to the heat. A flame would be best, but a skillet or gas BBQ will also do the trick nicely.

I'm often asked what is my favourite cut of the beast. I guess I'm in a very priviledged position, with a cornucopia of cuts available to me. You might find it rather surprising though when I say that my current favourite cut of beef (and has been for some time) are the short ribs.

They are a sinewy, fatty, bony bit of beef, but when cooked long and slow they transform into something really special. The slow cooker is the ideal partner and so they can also be rather easy, creating a fragrant kitchen while you are busy working away on something else.

This box will also include a few of my preferred recipes for short ribs...some borrowed, some inspiried, some stolen, but all delicious.


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