5 kg Primal Box

5 kg Primal Box


A celebration for the BBQ lovers.

This mini box will consist of a minimun of 5kg of steaks. They will consist of T-bones, Rib Eyes and for a lucky few the Butt Fillet. The Butt Fillet is the Eye Fillet piece that continues on after the T-bone has stopped. 

You can allow them to wet age for another week at most in the vacuum sealed bag and then cut them open and bring the steak to room temperature. Season liberally with salt and olive oil and pop them onto the heat. A naked flame is preferable, but a skillet or gas BBQ will also do the trick nicely.

Cook one side then flip and cook the other. Allow to rest for approximately  half of the cooking time and then serve.

Our beef shows best when cooked rare or at most medium-rare so don't be shy about pulling it off early.

Pull the cork, toss the salad and allow the conversation to begin.

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